7 Holiday Dental Tips

December 16, 2020 Dental Blog

We love this time of the year and we hope you and your family are healthy and safe to enjoy the holidays! Remember to get along with them with all the preventive measures of covid-19.

This year has been different and difficult for all of us, it’s a time to appreciate our lives and keep our bodies healthy in all the possible ways.

Here are some tips to enjoy the holidays protecting your teeth:


  1. Avoid Sticky situations

We know it may be hard to stay away from the fruit cake, caramel toffee, dried fruits or candy canes this season. But hard candies are a high risk to chip a tooth and chewy food is more likely to stick in your teeth or snap off a cap/crown.


  1. Sweets with meals

As you might read in our blog BACK TO BASICS Our mouth is full of bacteria and during a meal is when we produce more saliva that helps neutralize acids created by that bacteria. So, the best recommendation is to eat your sweets after your meal so that way you have more saliva to neutralize your acids and of course, brush your teeth and floss.


  1. Tooth make por tools

We know that opening a present is an exciting moment but please avoid using your teeth to do it. You may end up with a cracked tooth.


  1. Drink more water

The best perks of drinking water during the holidays are: it will keep you energize during this hecting times and it can clean away bacteria with every sip.


  1. Maintain a healthy diet

Be sure to add fruits and veggies to your holiday diet.


  1. Keep the balance

Give yourself permission to splurge a bit of that exquisite pumpkin pie and enjoy some of the holiday treats that won’t be back again in another 12 months. Remember that everything in life is a balance.


7.Schedule a pre-holiday check up

The new year is a great opportunity to assess your dental health. Here in Advanced Smiles Dentistry we can help you to begin a new dental journey.