A dental crown is a ¨cap¨ that is placed on a stump of a tooth or on an implant. The dental crown is a restoration that represents the shape of a natural tooth whose objective is to place it on the previously prepared stump to replace or protect the remaining tooth structure.
When is a crown needed? We need to consider a dental crown when a tooth is damaged, fractured, contains little tooth structure, has weak enamel, is quite worn down, when it is necessary to perform cuspal protection after a root canal treatment, when a patient wishes to change the appearance of his tooth and when a crown is placed over an implant as the final restoration. The process of making a dental crown is to shave down the tooth in a specific way to give the required space for the crown to settle. The treatment consists of two appointments: the first appointment is to prepare the tooth, take impressions, and send them to the dental laboratory. Meanwhile, a temporary crown will be placed. The second appointment will be for the dental crown placement. The number of appointments may vary depending on the needs of each patient. The materials we use for dental crowns are: porcelain fused to metal, porcelain layered zirconia, full porcelain and full zirconia crown. 

The material of choice will be considered based on the remaining dental structure or depending on the needs of the patient.