The lack of dental hygiene creates an accumulation of bacteria’s that little by little begin to damage the tooth later forming cavities. In order to prevent cavities from expanding and provoking pain it is ideal to remove the bacteria and protect the tooth with fillings. The fillings that are used are aesthetically pleasing composite that match the color of your tooth creating a more natural appearance as opposed to amalgams which are silver fillings. Fillings are used only when the cavities’ are not too deep and do not reach the nerve. The process is very simple consisting of the following protocols: 

  1. Numb the tooth with local anesthesia. 
  2. Isolating using a dental dam so as not to contaminate the tooth. 
  3. Eliminating Cavities. 
  4. Disinfecting the tooth.
  5. Applying the final Filling.


Fillings also have the ability to realize aesthetic changes in the teeth such as resin based veneers which give the smile a completely different appearance and gives the patient the option to change the color of their teeth using the variety of resins.