Santa’s Naughty and Nice List

December 18, 2020 Dental Blog

With all that have happened since March 2020 with COVID-19 it seems that we fast forward till December; and we know that this Holidays will be a little bit different that we used to. However, there is something that will never change; what is bad for our oral health and those habits that keep us on the right track.

Eggnog: the top of our naughty list. Every sip of this beverage is a feast for the bacteria that lives on our mouth since is very high in sugar content.

Green leafy vegetables (kale, brussels sprouts): the very nice thing to eat. These vegetables are high in vitamin A and vitamin C; which helps your body and teeth to absorb calcium.

Candy canes: always in the naughty list. No matter if you suck on them or you decide to bite them, these sugary foods are a high risk to develop cavities. And don’t get us started in the fact that if you are a bitter you might end of with a fractured tooth.

Checkup: Remember to schedule your post-Holiday evaluation to know that you are starting the new year with a healthy smile.

Opening presents: if you are receiving presents this year probably you have been very nice. However, if you using your teeth to rip off the paper must likely will be visiting the best dentist in Tijuana soon for being naughty. Using your teeth as tools might be end up with a cracked tooth or hurt gum.

Water: the most noble nice thing to do for your oral healthy. Besides keep you hydrated it will help you a lot to wash away the sugar and remainings after eating sugary foods/drinks.

Advanced Smiles Dentistry team hope the tips we have been posting help you keep your oral health on point. The best dentist in Tijuana, wishes you and your family a happy and safe holiday season.

We want to see you begin the new year smiling!